Sleeping Giant Backpackers - Hastings New Zealand


If you own or manage any of the local orchards, vineyards, packhouses or other such industries that require seaonal workers, then we are the right people to help you get your jobs done!

Backpackers are hard workers who are looking for work to bring in that much needed extra cash while they are on their travels. Backpackers make great workers as they want to work, are intelligent, trainable, reliable and have a great work ethic.

Backpackers are a refreashing addition to your regular staff or RSE group.

I'm an ex-personnel manager from and orcharding family with years experience placing seasonal workers. I can source workers, coordinate transport, and act as a point of contact for your team.  Why call or text 20 people when you can just contact one?

If you want to employ directly or use a contractor I will prepare your workers ensuring all the correct paper work is done and they are ready for work as soon as you are. We also have our own seasonal labour supply service with low rates should you prefer that option. 

Please contact Jason the owner operator today on 027 4284 868  or  06 878 5393


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